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Purchasing and Payments

At the bottom of the billing details are the payment information sources, along with a summary of your current billing amounts. The Summary will show you any amounts that you are purchasing at this moment, as well as showing the new licenses being added, and the grand total recurring billing amount. Always double-check the Summary section before making any new license or minute purchases to make sure that you are paying for the correct dollar amounts.

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This section is also where you would go to add a new payment source by changing the Payment Information. Any time a credit card is about to expire, or you want to add a new card to the bill, this is where you would go to do it.

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If you want to change your primary billing source, you’ll first need to add the new payment source using the Add Card button. Once you’ve added the new source, you can make it the default, and remove the old source from the list (or keep the old one as a back-up).

Terms and Conditions

Below the payment summary is the™ legal terms and conditions of use. Use of the system and any of its components requires acceptance of the terms of use. If you ever have questions about any of the terms, or about your billing statements, please contact the InsideSales support team.

Updating Changes

Before finalizing ANY changes to the billing system, you MUST enter your first and last name and hit Accept at the bottom of the billing information screen. If you fail to do this, changes made to the billing, license assignments, dialer minute purchases, and other information will not update.

We require this as a security precaution; we want you to be able to see at any point which Sysadmin(s) authorized changes to the billing account.

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