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Dialer Scripts

The Manage Scripts tool is used to set up call scripts that your agents can follow as they make calls. Like emails, scripts can use merged fields from the database to help callers “follow” the script with relevant lead record information included.

To get started, go to Admin Tab > Site Settings > Manage Scripts.

As you'll notice, the interface is very similar to the Manage Emails tool.

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Script Locations

Scripts can be linked to a specific Campaign, area code, or Dialer Initiative.

Remember that for purposes of the PowerDialer, a Campaign script supersedes an Initiative script. For example, if you assign a script to a Dialer Initiative, that initiative may include Leads across multiple Campaigns. If there is no script assigned to the campaign the record belongs to, the system defaults to the one assigned to the Initiative, if any.


Creating content for script is straightforward and easy—you have your standard WYSIWYG editor, HTML, and plain text editors to generate the script.

Like email templates, scripts can also utilize external content by linking to HTML-based resources. For example, if your company has an online pricing sheet, the script editor could include a link to your Web site where that pricing sheet resides. Take advantage of this ability to dynamically draw in content.

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