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Workflow Automation - Overview

  • The basic workflow components that can help you automate, including lead capture, lead response, email campaigns, and more.
  • How to create quality email and voice message collateral to use in your daily prospecting activities.
  • The principles and functions of the Electronic Labor Force (ELF) system tool.
  • How to use the JabberDog voice broadcasting system.

Practical Scenarios

  • Given body content, create an email template incorporating permissions, merge fields, and attached files.
  • Create a voicemail template. Verify the format compatibility and upload a prerecorded message file to attach to the voicemail template.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to deploy email and voicemail templates from the PowerDialer interface.
  • Create an ELF campaign incorporating Initiate/Terminate criteria, and actions over several time intervals.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ELF mechanics by describing the actions performed on a lead record based on its Activity History.
  • Given a set of example leads, determine which ones would enroll or de-enroll from an existing ELF campaign.
  • Configure necessary settings for your users to send out emails through an SMTP Relay server.

Getting Started

Workflow Automation Features

The key tools that fall under workflow automation are:

  • Automated email templates, with one-click send capabilities.
  • Automated outbound and inbound faxing, using the same template functionality as email.
  • Automated voice message capabilities using the dialer.
  • Direct posting/importing/updating of information to the database, and instant, automated responses.
  • The Electronic Labor Force, or ELF, which automates user actions based on database criteria triggers.

Each is designed to improve user efficiency at key points during the day-to-day prospecting process—quickly send information out (automated email, fax, and voice message), automate activity follow-up (the Electronic Labor Force, or ELF), and automate data insertion and retrieval.

Adding the Tools to the Mix

Unlike other system features, the workflow automation tools typically require MORE setup outside the system than within it. For example, an automated, 1-click email tool does no good unless you have email content prepped and ready to send. Likewise, the direct data posting features are of little use if your company's Web site forms aren't prepared to take advantage of them.

During the implementation phase, these tools are the most common cause of "slowdown," because they often require allocating resources beyond the Sysadmin's control. These are some of the most powerful components of the system, but if you find yourself short on time or resources, they are optional. As soon as you can, get these tools in place, because they'll make a significant impact on the work you do, but the system can be used without them.

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