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Team Calendar View

This feature can assists you in making appointments by showing an at-a-glance view of the availability of multiple agents. You can mouse over highlighted time blocks, and see a preview of the event's subject line.

(Daily Event Schedule View)
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If you click on a filled block, the system will pop up the event in a new window; if you click on a blank time block, the system will pop up a new event screen.

Adding the Actions Panel

(View Calendar Link - Dialer Panel Editor)
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The View Calendar link is on the Actions section of the PowerDialer panel. If you don't already have it activated, you you can add this section on the Dialer Panel Editor (pictured above) found at Administrative > Manage Dialer Panels > Edit

The button can also be removed from the Actions section and placed in certain others, such as the Dialer Pad section.

Getting there

Use the View Calendar link in the PowerDialer's Actions panel area. Click on it to see the new scheduling chart.

(View Calendar Link - PowerDialer Actions Panel)
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This option is a default button option in the Actions panel. It can be removed, added, or moved around within the panel view using the Dialer Panel Editor.

Gantt Chart View

When you click the View Calendar link, a window pops up that shows the event schedule Gantt chart. This chart shows up to a whole day at a time. By default, all system users will appear in the chart, sorted alphabetically by last name.

(Gantt Chart View)
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The initial view will show the first 10 users. If more than 10 users are present, you can scroll down to see more.

Event Blocks

The start time begins at 6 AM, and runs through 8 PM. Each cell of the chart represents 30 minutes.

15-minute Increments

If you enter an event start or stop time that falls between a 30-minute block, the Gantt chart will display that start or end between the grid lines.

(Events ending between blocks)
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Note that the chart will round up or down for any events scheduled between 30 minute marks. Times 1-20 minutes past the previous grid line will stop at the halfway point. Times 21-29 minutes past the previous grid line will fill to the end of the cell.

Double Bookings

If the user has more than one event scheduled during the same time block, the calendar will display multiple grid row entries (one for each event).

(Double-bookings in Gantt Chart)
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Selecting a Day - The Date Filter

You can change the date filter to show a different day. You can cycle forward or backward a day at a time using the arrow icons, click the calendar icon to get a calendar pop-out with dates to choose from, or just type in the new date. Whenever you change to a new date, the Gantt chart updates accordingly.

(Event Filter)
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Choosing Who to Display - The Team Filter

The team filter is a single-select dropdown showing team entries. When a team is selected, the visible names for the Gantt chart update with it.

Editing Events on Filled Time Blocks

When you click on a filled-in time block, the system will pop open the event linked to that time in a new window. The event will appear in edit mode.

Creating a New Event for Blank Time Blocks

When you click a blank block of time, the system will pop open a new window with a new, blank event. The date, time, and owner (assigned user) correlates to the values specified in the Gantt chart. The event will appear in edit mode.

Displaying Names of Existing Events

If you hover your mouse over a filled time block, the event's subject line is displayed.

(Mouse over occupied time block revealing event subject line)
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Other Information

Data View Considerations

Due to security restrictions, in many cases users may not be allowed to view other users' calendars. In these cases, users' names still appear in the team view, but will be greyed out. If an agent mouses over a blocked user's chart, the calendar will display a warning message.

(Blocked User)
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This follows the data view restrictions established by the Corporate User, Reports To, and Team designations for the given user.

  • Corporate User - All users visible
  • Reports To - Can view calendar for anyone that reports directly to the user, and anyone that reports to people that report to the user.  
  • Team - Can view calendar for anyone assigned to the same team.


A Note About Google Calendar Sync

Due to potential server slowdown in initial display of the chart, Google sync will NOT run as a condition of displaying the team calendar Gantt chart. The sync will still run normally if / when a user clicks a link to create a new event, or adds a user as an attendee to an existing event.

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