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Like a personal trophy display case, agent personal profiles allow members of your sales team to reference and display Achievements, Points, Rank, Challenge results and more.

Getting There

From either the PowerStandings sidebar widget or the Standings Bar in the PowerDialer, agents can click the profile icon next to their name to view their PowerStandings personal profile:

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Each personal profile contains three main tabs: Home, Achievements, and Challenges. Let's go over the contents of each one.

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The Home Tab

The Home tab contains basic information about the agent and some of their achievements.

It displays the name of the agent and a picture. Agents can change their picture by clicking the Change Picture link below it, which bring up the window pictured below.

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Clicking the Browse button allows the agent to choose a new picture to upload as their profile picture. Changes are finalized when the agent clicks Ok.

Next to their profile picture, the Home displays up to three of the agent's noteworthy achievement icons as well as their current point total.

Lastly, the Home tab displays the Points Leaderboard. This Leaderboard shows all the agents on your team and displays their Rank, Team, and Points totals. In particular, the agent whose profile is open is highlighted to show their place in the rankings.

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You can use the dropdown menu associated with the Points Leaderboard to change between views by Month, Week, Day, Year, and All-time.

The Achievements Tab

The Achievements tab shows the achievements the agent has earned, as well as their progess towards earning additional achievements.

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Use the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner to switch between a view of Completed and In Progress Achievements.

The Challenges Tab

The Challenges tab shows how the agent has performed on challenges.

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The main window displays information about the challenge and the agent's performance. The dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the page lets you shift between views of Scheduled, Active, and Expired challenges.

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