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PowerStandings Achievements

Like a medal of honor given to a soldier who performed heroic actions on the battlefield, Achievements commemorate the successes of your agents. When an agent reaches a noteworthy milestone, they're awarded a decorative badge to mark the occasion.

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This badge remains in their user profile to allow them to remember and show off their accomplishments.This positive reinforcement helps agents feel appreciated and successful, helping them to stay motivated and productive.

Administrators can set up the name and appearance of each badge, as well as what it takes to earn it. This page shows you how.

Setting up Achievements - Walkthrough

We've provided the walkthrough below as an example to help you get a feel for the achievement setup process. While the page options aren't particularly complicated, many of them interact with one another, so we felt this approach will serve you better than an attempt to explain each feature in isolation.

If you're already familiar with the process and simply want to reference an individual feature, try the Page Function Reference Table at the bottom of the page.

The Manage Achievements Page

Start by going to the InsideSales tab and clicking the Achievements link in the PowerStandings section. This will take you to the Manage Achievements page, which includes a list of the achievements currently available in your system.

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We've included a few default achievements to get you started. These can't be edited or deleted, but you can click View to get more details about them and get some ideas about how to set up your own achievements. For other achievements, you can click the links to Edit or Delete them.

If you create a large number of achievements, you also might want to take advantage of the search field at the top of the page.

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Creating an Achievement

To make an achievement, click the Create New Achievement button.

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This will take you to the achievement editing page.

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Basic Information - Name, Team, and Description

Start with a name for your achievement that reflects the accomplishments you want it to commemorate. We'll call our example Rapid Dialer

Next use the Teams dropdown to determine which teams can get this achievement. You can also click the Check All button to select all of them. To learn more about PowerStandings Teams, click here.

The Description field serves as a reference about the achievement. We'll return to this after we've determined how the achievement works, but if you know exactly what you're about to create, you can go ahead and enter a description now.

Achievement Requirements

The Achievement Requirements section lets you choose how the achievement is earned.

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Start by selecting the KPI, or Key Performance Indicator. Most actions in the system are represented here. For our example, we'll choose Dials. For more information about KPIs, click here.

Next let's jump down to the KPI requirement fields below the badges. This is located later on the page, but it's a good idea to take a look at it at this point. This set of fields determines how many times an agent needs to perform the KPI to earn each level of the achievement. For our example, we'll enter 75, 100, 150, and 200.

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Next choose the Rate. This is the period of time in which the KPI requirements we just defined need to be met in order to get the achievement. For this example, let's choose Daily.

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Next is the Method dropdown. For now let's set it to "Sum to at Least." We'll explain what this does in a moment.

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Now enter a value into the Consecutive Days field. Notice that in this case it says Consecutive Days because for Rate, we selected Daily. If we chose a different value in the Rate dropdown, it would likewise be reflected here.

This field determines how many times in a row an agent needs to reach the KPI requirement within the Rate period in order to earn the achievement. So in our example, they'd need to hit the KPI requirement within a day 1 time in order to get the award. If we change this to 2, they'll need to hit the requirement twice across two consecutive days to get it.

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Since we selected "Sum to At Least" for the Method, they would need to reach at least the KPI requirement each day. If we selected "Average at least instead," they could get a little more one day and a little less the next day and still earn the achievement.

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The Include Weekends checkbox determines whether or not the weekends are included in your counts.

Consider the schedules of your workers when deciding whether or not to check this box.

This box comes into play in particular if you set a requirement that is achieved over two or three days. For example, if you had a requirement that needed to reached over 2 consecutive days and you keep this box checked, a user couldn't get the achievement by fulfilling the requirement on a Friday and a Monday, because these days would not be considered consecutive.

On the other hand, if you decide not to include weekends, agents will not have the ability to count any efforts made by coming in to work on a Saturday. If your schedule is like most businesses, you'll probably want to keep this unchecked.

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Achievement Badge Levels

As mentioned previously, each Achievement can be earned to progressively greater degrees. Four increasingly prestigious and ornate versions of the badge are available for each achievement by reaching higher levels of the KPI. You can also enter a separate Points reward for each achievement level.

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Once you've finished, don't forget to add some reference information to the Description field. This information doesn't appear anywhere other than this editing page and is for your reference only. For the example we just created, you might enter something like "Average a number of dials for two consecutive days."

Badge Appearance

In addition to editing the way a badge is earned, you can also edit what a badge looks like. To do this, click the Edit Badges link.

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In the window that opens, you can select from one of a large variety of icons for the badge. You can also change the color. When you're done, click Save.

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When you're finished creating your achievement, click Save.

Page Function Reference Table

We felt a walkthrough narrative was the easiest way to explain the way the options on the page work. Now that you've followed along with our example and are familiar with the process of making an achievement, here is a reference table to remind you what each field on the page does as you move forward with designing your own achievements.

Option / Field Description
Achievement Name This is the name that will show up on your Manage Achievements page as well as when agents earn and display the achievement.
Teams Selects the PowerStandings Teams that are able to earn this achievement. See the link below for more information on PowerStandings Teams.
Description You can enter a reference description here for your own notes. It will show up on the Edit Achievement page, but not anywhere else.
KPI Use this dropdown to choose the action that agents must perform to earn this achievement. Nearly every action in the system is available. Other dropdowns allow you to choose the timeframe and number of times they'll need to perform this action to earn the achievement. See the link below for more information on KPIs.
Rate In order to earn an achievement, an agent must peform your selected KPI the number of times that you choose in the KPI requirement. The Rate determines the timeframe in which this must be done. See also: Consecutive Days.

There are two options here.

  • Sum to at least means that the KPI will have to be performed at least as many times within each Rate period as you specified in the KPI requirement fields over the course of your Consecutive period.
  • Average at least means that the KPI will have to be performed on average as many times within each Rate period as you specified in the KPI requirement fields over the course of your Consecutive period.

Consecutive Rate

Enter a number here. This determines how many of the periods specified in the Rate field in which an agent must consecutively meet the KPI requirement you specified in order to earn the achievement.

For example, if you chose "Days" for your Rate and entered "3" in the Consecutive Days field, an agent would need to meet the KPI requirement for three consecutive days in order to earn the achievement.

Notice that this field does not appear until you have selected a Rate and that the name of the field will reflect this selction (ie "Consecutive Days," "Consecutive Weeks," and so forth).

Include Weekends This checkbox determines whether or not PowerStandings counts any of the statistics gathered on Saturday and Sunday. Consider the schedules of your agents when deciding whether or not to check this box. Keep in mind that if you check it box, a Friday and a Monday would not be considered consecutive days for the purposes of KPI counts. Also keep in mind that if you do not check it, no work done on a Saturday or Sunday will be eligible to count towards achievements.
KPI Requirement Enter the number of times (within the period speficied by the Rate, Method, Consecutive Rate, and Include Weekend fields) that the KPI must be performed in order to earn the achievement. Enter increasingly impressive numbers for each level, ie Level 2 should be more difficult to achieve than Level 1, and so forth.
Points Reward Enter a the number of Points an agent should recieve for earning each level of this achievement. The Points could differ or be the same for each level. Keep in mind that you can also assign points to the individual KPI actions elsewhere in the PowerStandings system. See the link below for more information.
Edit Badges This link opens a window that allows you to alter the appearance of the badges associated with the achievement. You can use the dropdowns to select an Icon and a Color, creating a myriad of possibilities. When you're finished, click Save.
Save, Save & New, Cancel Use these buttons when you are finished editing your achievement. Click Save to finish working and go back to the Manage Achievements page. Click Save & New to finish and immediately begin working on another achievement. Click Cancel to discard the work you've done since coming to the page.

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