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Introduction to PowerStandings

PowerStandings is a powerful gamification platform that gives you the power to motivate your agents by bringing out their competitive edge.

Before we show you how to set everything up, let’s take a brief look at the key features of PowerStandings.

Basic Overview

Standings Bar

The standings bar is a convenient way for your reps to see their performance against your organization's key performance indicators. In this example where the KPI is dials, an agent sees his dials for the day, where he ranks against his team, and the next person in front of him so he know what it’s going to take for him to move up a notch in the rankings. The standings bar appears at the top of the agent's screen in the PowerDialer.

(Standings Bar in PowerDialer Interface)
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It can also be displayed as a widget in your LMP sidebar.

(Standings Bar in LMP Sidebar)
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A variety of notifications keep agents updated about their place in the rankings and help them push their performance to the limit! These notifications appear in the lower-right corner of the screen when agents are in a PowerDialer list.

(Notification in PowerDialer Interface)
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Points are earned for every Key Performance Indicator that an agent achieves. Following the previous KPI example of dials, every time an agent makes a dial he earns 5 points or the allotted amount you assign for your organization. As points build up, Points give reps a quantitative way to substantiate their effort over a greater period of time.

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PowerStandings also offers a live Leaderboard, allowing you to track and display performance like a scoreboard at your favorite sporting event. Public display of performance is a great motivator for individuals and also helps teams rally towards a common goal.

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On the following pages, we'll show you how to set up the basics of PowerStandings in five parts:

Part 1: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

How to set up KPIs, or the Key Performance Indicators that you want to measure and track for your sales team.

Part 2: Defining KPI Filters

How to set up the filters that control what criteria must be met to trigger the KPI.

Part 3: Managing Teams

How to set up and manage teams.

Part 4: Leaderboards

How to arrange leaderboards that you can use to track or display your agents' progress.

Part 5: Mobile Leaderboards

How to view leaderboards on your mobile device.

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