Creating a PowerDialer Panel

To create a new PowerDialer Panel, click the Create PowerDialer Panel button on the Manage Dialer Panels list page.

First, you'll be asked to enter a name

Click Save & Next to continue to the Dialer Panel Editor

Enabling a PowerDialer Panel

Unlike Click-to-Call Panels, which are assigned to teams, PowerDialer panels are assigned to dialer initiatives. The Standard Panel is the default choice.

You can select a different dialer panel by using the Dialer Panel dropdown when creating or editing a dialer initiative. It is located next to the Name field on the initiative edit page:

Once you click Save, the dialer panel you selected will be used whenever you run the initiative. Creating Custom Buttons

You can create custom buttons with your own specified functions to include in your PowerDialer panel (not available for Click-to-Call panels). This is done in the Dialer Panel Editor.

To do it, select the section you'd like to add the button to in the Section Organizer. Then, click New Button at the top of the page.

This will take you to the New Button Window.

Here, you can enter a name for your new button. This name will be displayed in the Button Trough and on the button in the panel itself.

Next, enter JavaScript Code to determine the button's function. You can write your own code, or use the two dropdown windows to select from a variety of preprogrammed functions. You can also click the + Advanced link on the bottom-right of the page to bring up more detailed JavaScripting options.

Editing Existing Custom Buttons

To edit an existing custom button, click on it in the Button Troughand then click the Edit button located immediately above.

This will bring up the Edit Button Window. This is exactly the same as the New Button Window except that it already has the button's information in the various fields. Make the desired changes and click Save.

Deleting Custom Buttons

To delete a custom button, click on it in the Button Trough and then click Delete Button.

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