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Is there anything specific I can do to make sure my ELFs trigger when they're supposed to?

The real trick to establishing effective trigger points is to make sure that they relate to a specific action item or process, and then ensure that the users follow it without deviation. It does no good, for example, to set up an ELF campaign if the users are unwilling to consistently mark Lead Statuses to trigger it to start.

Another tip is to remember that the ELF is a two-edged sword, in that it will always do what you tell it to—but that it will always do what you tell it to whether you like it your not. If you need an ELF to stop performing a certain action, then you must make sure that the termination is set correctly and that your agents are setting the fields consistently. If you run into problems with actions being performed out of sequence, or at the wrong times, then you must verify that your users are following the process correctly, that the ELF has been configured to follow that process, or you may want to simply turn off the ELF for those items.

Finally, if you’re unsure about how a particular ELF is running, set up a dummy list of names to practice with BEFORE broadcasting it live to the "real world."

I want more than one email / JabberDog / action to take place that triggers off of the same criteria. What do I have to do?

You’ll need to create two (or more) completely separate ELF campaigns that trigger off of the same criteria.

If I set an interval to 0 and run an action, how long does it actually take for the action to take place?

Zero-interval (Interval 0) actions will typically run within minutes (less than 5) from the trigger occurring.

What happens if I want to stop ELF running on one particular record, but not for everything? Is there a way to do that?

Yes, you can. If you decide you want to manually de-enroll the record, search for the record in the database. When you find it, you will see a sub-object at the bottom of the record detailing its current ELF campaign status. To stop an ELF from running on the record, click the De-enroll link.

If I’m running JabberDog off of an ELF, how does ELF know not to call someone at say, 2:00 AM?

You specify in the JabberDog parameters what the appropriate time ranges are for placing automated calls.

Can I trigger an automated phone call for an agent instead of just a voice broadcast from ELF?

Yes, you can. Use the ResponsePop action in the interval of your choice to have an agent call the record from an ACD. Likewise, you could also use the Call Now action to send the record to a Dialer Initiative as the top of the list to be called.

Is there a way to continuously re-enroll a record into a ELF campaign?

Yes. If a record leaves an ELF campaign, it can re-enter the same campaign later if it meets the trigger criteria again.

The trick to doing this is that you have to de-enroll the record first, then re-enroll it. The easiest way to do this would be to set up a group of looping ELFs that update the record's status to automatically de-enroll, then re-enroll.

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