Stacked Queries: Multiple Query Sets Within a Time Block

Some wonder if "stacking" additional time blocks, or additional queries in a single time block, changes things. The answer is, "Not really."

The only real change is that if you have multiple stacked queries running in the same block, you have to prioritize them. You must dial through all of the resulting leads in the first query before you will access the secondary query, and so on. If you never reach the end of a list of names in one stacked query, you'll never see any of the other Leads in the other queries. If it's important to reach all of the leads in ALL of your queries, you'll need to program that into your current Initiative, or you may need to create an entirely separate Initiative to account for it.

Cloning Queries

If you want to create multiple queries that are similar in nature, you can use the Clone button to create a copy of an existing query. Then simply edit the elements that differ.

Cloned queries connect and function with the query preview tool once added and saved to the time block.

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