Billing Information

Along with permission groups, the billing and licensing tools form the backbone's user management features. The Billing Information tool tracks and controls license assignments, available dialer minutes, your company's funding sources, and billing receipts.

The initial summary screen shows all of your current billing accounts, and the licenses being billed on each account. Below it shows a summary of purchases made on each account, with a line-item breakdown of the products and totals for each receipt.

To get a more detailed view of the current billing information, click the Edit link for the desired billing account, and a second window will pop-up.



The Billing Manager

The Billing Manager


The top section of the Billing Manager shows your current number of recurring licenses, the pricing for each, and the total billing amount for each.

Every active employee must have a CRM license—if you have 15 employees using the system, you'll need 15 licenses.

Other other licenses don't require a one-to-one ratio—they can can be shared, or pooled, between users. These commonly occurs with companies that run employees on the PowerDialer in shifts. Just be aware that though can pool some licenses to reduce cost, you need to have enough licenses for all concurrent users. If you run out of licenses, users get locked out.

To adjust the total number of licenses you are paying for, merely change the number in the quantity box in the Service Licenses section.

User License Assignments

Any time you adjust license totals, it's a good idea to look at the License assignments. As mentioned, every employee needs a CRM license, but you want to make sure that all of your pooled licenses are assigned correctly. A short summary of each license type follows.

Dialer Minutes

This section shows the current balance of dialer minutes available, expressed as a dollar amount. It also gives options to do a one-time immediate purchase of minutes, as well as set up an automatic minute recharge if your available minutes drop below a certain threshold.

Automatic Minute Recharge

Some sysadmins don't want to worry about managing their dialer minutes manually. If you're one of those, use the Automatic Recharge feature. This can be activated within the Purchase Minutes dialogue page.

The automatic recharge amount is based on your actual usage. The billing system calculates your average daily volume during the 30 calendar days immediately preceding the recharge. The daily average is then multiplied by 14 calendar days to get a two week average. This is the recharge amount. The Minimum Reserve amount is calculated the same way, but is multiplied by seven to get a one week average. Dialer minutes will bounce back and forth between one and three weeks worth of minutes when auto recharge is turned on.

Thus, when your dialer minutes account dips into the minimum threshold, the system schedules a payment for the next charge cycle (the system runs automatic recharge payments approximately every four hours).

As an example of using automatic recharge for your dialer minutes, if your average usage were around $30 or 1,500 minutes per week, the billing system would determine a threshold level (minimum balance level) of "X" based on that average usage. As soon as your balance of available minutes were to dip below that level the system would automatically initiate a purchase of minutes from your funding source for the amount of "Y" (something close to your average of $30) so that your agents could keep dialing without missing a beat.

There are instances where your minimum threshold was unusually low, or you missed a recharge cycle by a few minutes and you may still run out of minutes, in which case you'd need to go purchase them manually. But the automatic recharge mitigates this concern considerably, while using your own usage data intelligence to keep purchase amounts balanced.

Non-recurring Products and Storage Fees

Non-recurring purchases are usually non-standard, one-time purchases of products and services. These might include training, consulting, implementation services, a contract adjustment, or may include a service fee if your database size allocation is exceeded.

Storage fees are incurred monthly if you exceed your online storage limit with the database. Each company receives 250 megabytes of storage for up to the first five users on the system. For every user above that, you receive an additional 50 megabytes of space.

For example, Company X has 35 total users of the system. They have 250 megabytes for the first five, plus an additional 1500 megabytes (50 megabytes x 30 employees) for the other 30 users, for a total of 1750 megabytes, or approximately 1.7 gigabytes. If Company X exceeds that amount, they'll be billed $30 a month for an additional gigabyte of storage. However, if you're already over your threshold, you can use up the extra space without incurring a second $30 monthly charge. Just be aware that if you exceed your new extended limit, the storage fees will go up accordingly.

Purchasing and Payments

At the bottom of the billing details are the payment information sources, along with a summary of your current billing amounts. The Summary will show you any amounts that you are purchasing at this moment, as well as showing the new licenses being added, and the grand total recurring billing amount. Always double-check the Summary section before making any new license or minute purchases to make sure that you are paying for the correct dollar amounts.

This section is also where you would go to add a new payment source by changing the Payment Information. Any time a credit card is about to expire, or you want to add a new card to the bill, this is where you would go to do it.

If you want to change your primary billing source, you’ll first need to add the new payment source using the Add Card button. Once you’ve added the new source, you can make it the default, and remove the old source from the list (or keep the old one as a back-up).

Terms and Conditions

Below the payment summary is the™ legal terms and conditions of use. Use of the system and any of its components requires acceptance of the terms of use. If you ever have questions about any of the terms, or about your billing statements, please contact the InsideSales support team.

Updating Changes

Before finalizing ANY changes to the billing system, you MUST enter your first and last name and hit Accept at the bottom of the billing information screen. If you fail to do this, changes made to the billing, license assignments, dialer minute purchases, and other information will not update.

We require this as a security precaution; we want you to be able to see at any point which Sysadmin(s) authorized changes to the billing account.


Customer Questions

My user logs in to the dialer, but it tells him/her that they don’t have permission to use it. I know that I gave them the right permission level, why can’t they use it?

You most likely need to assign a dialer license in the Billing Information Details.

So, remind me again, how does the automatic recharge work?

Okay, let's see if we can make this clear.

The Automatic Recharge first looks at your last month's total dialer usage. It then calculates two numbers:

  1. A two-week rolling average of usage, which becomes the Recharge Amount.
  2. A five-day minimum balance to keep the dialer minutes from reaching zero. This becomes the Threshold.

If/when the minutes account reaches the threshold amount, the system automatically bills the Recharge Amount to the account.

A user keeps getting an ‘insufficient ports’ error message when trying to send voice messages. What gives?

Either you have not assigned a Flex Port license to their user login in the Billing Account Details, or you don’t have enough Flex Ports licenses to handle all of the concurrent inbound and outbound usage.

I go to the Billing Details and try and lower my total number of licenses, and it tells me that I cannot lower them past my contracted amount. Why is this?

In most cases it means you signed up for a service contract that mandates a minimum level of service licenses during that time period. You cannot lower you license totals below the contracted levels.

I’m getting billed for a storage usage fee each month, what can I do to get myself below the minimum requirement?

There are several things you can do:

  1. Delete and purge unused database information
  2. Keep your Files tab clean, specifically by removing call recordings or larger files.
  3. Only upload data lists with data you are actually going to use in the near future (there’s no reason to incur a storage fee on a 500,000 name list database when you’re only calling the first 10,000 names this month, for example).

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