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My user logs in to the dialer, but it tells him/her that they don’t have permission to use it. I know that I gave them the right permission level, why can’t they use it?

You most likely need to assign a dialer license in the Billing Information Details.

So, remind me again, how does the automatic recharge work?

Okay, let's see if we can make this clear.

The Automatic Recharge first looks at your last month's total dialer usage. It then calculates two numbers:

  1. A two-week rolling average of usage, which becomes the Recharge Amount.
  2. A five-day minimum balance to keep the dialer minutes from reaching zero. This becomes the Threshold.

If/when the minutes account reaches the threshold amount, the system automatically bills the Recharge Amount to the account.

A user keeps getting an ‘insufficient ports’ error message when trying to send voice messages. What gives?

Either you have not assigned a Flex Port license to their user login in the Billing Account Details, or you don’t have enough Flex Ports licenses to handle all of the concurrent inbound and outbound usage.

I go to the Billing Details and try and lower my total number of licenses, and it tells me that I cannot lower them past my contracted amount. Why is this?

In most cases it means you signed up for a service contract that mandates a minimum level of service licenses during that time period. You cannot lower you license totals below the contracted levels.

I’m getting billed for a storage usage fee each month, what can I do to get myself below the minimum requirement?

There are several things you can do:

  1. Delete and purge unused database information
  2. Keep your Files tab clean, specifically by removing call recordings or larger files.
  3. Only upload data lists with data you are actually going to use in the near future (there’s no reason to incur a storage fee on a 500,000 name list database when you’re only calling the first 10,000 names this month, for example).

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