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Get help understanding the main apects of the personal information page. Some of the content on this page will apply for admins and others a user will be able to modify.

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Data View and Permissions

Data View and Permissions on Profile Page

There are many options for data view and permissions. Below are a few of the options and their definition.

Reports To: This is a management hierarchy function. Whoever the user reports to, that person will be able to view the user's data, and access reports involving their activity. If you do not want the user’s manager to view their data (or you are the manager), leave this input field blank.

Corporate User: Corporate users have the ABILITY to view all data in the system, regardless of ownership. They can specify that they would like to view data owned only by themselves, data owned by others, or a combination of both. Sysadmins and managers should have this option selected.

Team: The team designation lets a user see data owned by other members of their team, but not those who don't belong to it. This allows small groups of users to share data with each other, while restricting access to higher level data they don't need to view or manage.

Administrator Checkbox: This option locks or unlocks the user's ability to use the Billing, Page Permission, Layout Group, Employees, and Fields and Labels tools in the Admin tab. Even if the user's Page Permission settings would normally allow them to use these tools, if this option isn't checked they will not have access to them.

Data View: The ability to change which data is being viewed. The basic premise of data view permissions is - does the user own or now own the data in question? The Data View allows a user to select which users data is being displayed (based on ownership) If neither the corporate user or team designations are selected, the user will only be able to see the data they own, and nothing else.

Deleted Users

Deleted Users

When you delete an employee it will hide everything that the deleted employee owns. This includes things like leads/campaigns/email templates etc. "Hidden leads" cannot be un-hid through the advanced search in the leads tab using the mass update tool. If the employee that owns them is deleted there is no way to see everything that is hidden without first undeleting the employee. Then the objects can be transfered out of their ownership. The easier way of managing this is through the employee merge tool. This will reassign everything that is owned over to the employee that you merge them with.

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