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Lead routing seems like it will take a little work to get set up and running, and I’m not sure I have the time. Do I have to use it, or are there alternative methods?

Lead routing is an optional function; works perfectly without it, but over time most administrators find that routing rules save more time in the long run than they take to set up. You can always do lead routing manually by bulk assigning ownership yourself, but for very large batches of data this is extremely time-consuming.

For spreadsheet uploads you can also do a “pre-route” by adding a data column indicating ownership and linking that to the various users’ login IDs (meaning you create a column called “Owner” and insert numbers into the column that match the various users). You can’t use names, it has to be a user number. You can look up a user’s ID number by going to the Manage Employee section of the admin tab.

I’ve created my first skill and rule, but reps still aren’t getting leads routed to them when I upload data. What’s going on?”

Double-check all of your skill and rule criteria. If you create rules with advanced skill settings but the data doesn’t meet any of the criteria in the skill, the leads will be routed to the default user specified.

Are you using a round robin rule instead of a proficiency-based rule? Are your proficiencies set correctly? Remember that as discussed in the Skills section of the training that proficiencies are NOT percentages; they are a weighted lottery.

I want to round robin two different types of leads, one high quality, one low quality, but I want to make sure that reps aren’t getting cheated out of high quality leads. How do I do this?

The best way to do this is to create two different rules that are based off of the same skill, but with different skill criteria. This way, the round robin will trigger off two different criteria, one for the lower-quality leads, one for the higher quality leads.

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