Mapping Static Fields

InsideSales Field Static Data Purpose
**ACD Id Id of the ACD you wish to push the lead to Queue the lead in an ACD to be called IF there is an available agent.
**Call Now 0 or 1 Setting to 1 will ensure that the lead will be the next lead loaded into the dialer.
**Compliance Start Time Time. Format req: XX:XX AM/PM If Call Now is set, the system will check the compliance start and end times, and, paying attention to the Lead's local time, determine if it is between the compliance start and end times before putting it in the dialer cache. Excludes duplicate leads.
**Compliance End Time
**Dialer Initiative Id Id of your dialer initiative that you wish to have the lead appear in Sets the dialer initiative that you would like to have the new lead appear in. If you do not set a dialer initiative id the call will be queued up in all the initiatives and go to the next rep who hits Next Call or Save and Next in the dialer.
**Do Not Notify 0 or 1 If set to 1 the default owner will not receive a notification of the lead being created.
**Duplicate Campaign Id Id of your duplicate campaign Id Sends duplicate leads to a certain campaign to help you keep track of your duplicate leads. If you are not worried about capturing duplicate leads this can be left out of the mapping.
**Duplicate Check Basis email, company, phone, or name Will perform a duplicate check basis on the fields entered in the static data. The four fields listed are the only ones available. If you want to include multiple fields you will need to have them comma separated values such as: phone,email. Setting it as such means that either the phone or email can match up to a lead in our system for it to be marked a duplicate. This is an OR function. The phone number area code needs to be valid for this to work.
**Duplicate Owner ID Employee ID number Assigns a particular owner to all duplicate leads coming in through this mapping.
**Duplicate Time Frame (days) Number of days If an incoming lead is matched with an existing lead through the Duplicate Check Basis static field, the system checks the created date of the existing lead against the value in the Static Data, i.e. “30” in the Static Data field, so if the existing lead was created more than 30 days ago, the new lead won’t be marked as a duplicate.
**Email Template Id Id of an email template Will automatically send the specified email template to a lead.
**IVR Id Id of an IVR Initiates IVR with lead and given IVR unless inbound_initiative_id is provided AND there is an available agent.
**No HTML for Id Return 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 0 will just return the lead Id in a table format.
1 will just return the lead Id as plain text.
2 will send back the ID in XML format.
3 will just return text "true" if lead was successfully added.
4 returns special XML code for Netquote
**Phone Survey Id Id of the IVR that records a message to your lead. Will have an IVR call the lead and record their message on the failover.
**Queue Number of minutes Set the number of minutes before a lead appears in an ACD. Must have an ACD Id in the mapping for this to work.
**Redirect Link URL ex. Set the URL where someone will be redirected after they submit their information to your site.
**Relate to Duplicate 0 or 1 Relates the lead to the original if it is marked as a duplicate. Will put - duplicate account: id=12345 days idle=0 in the company name field. This will be the Id of the original lead so you can search on it. You can set it so that if a lead is idle for X amount of days to use the new one and not mark it as a duplicate.
**Reroute if Idle Days Number of days Reroute lead if not modified for specifed 'reroute_if_idle_days' days using the routing rule Id.
**Return Lead Id 0 or 1 Returns the lead Id back to the provider as confirmation that the lead has been received. If you have a redirect link it will overwrite the return lead Id.
**Routing Rule Id Id of the routing rule that you wish to send the lead through Sends the lead through a routing rule.
Campaign Campaign Id Sets the default campaign to put the lead into when it is first created. A common practice is to put the lead into a campaign named after the lead source.
Lead Source Id of the lead source Sets the lead source of the lead when it comes into the system.
Lead Status Id of the lead status Sets the lead status of the lead when it comes into the system

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