I have no leads to dial

  1. Initial things to check:
    • Apply attempt limits (employee profile)
    • Start/end date
    • Days active
    • Limit calls to (only dial own) - in query and in initiative settings
    • Dialer cache - callback/recent calls
    • Check time between calls
    • Timeblocks/data queries
  2. What to check if the dialer cache is empty (so there are no leads to dial and the dialer cache is empty)
    • Callbacks - If all of the records are pulled out because they’re callbacks, the cache will be zeros across the board
    • Recent Calls - Use “minutes since last call” in a data query and count search results
    • Timeblocks
    • Queries
    • Check when the dialer cache ran last - refresh of dialer cache happens every hour (plus 3 to 15 minutes) OR saving the query will do an immediate refresh (within 5 to 10 minutes)
  3. If one agent cannot see any leads:
    • “Only dial own” might be checked in the dialer initiative settings (in LMP it could be in the data query itself as well as on the main page setup).
    • It is also possible that attempt limits are preventing them from seeing leads.
      • Admin tab -> Manage Employees -> View Employees -> Click the name of the employee with the issue -> look for “attempt limits”. If the employee does have attempt limits set, check the settings in the dialer initiative. Check if “apply attempt limits” is marked.
  4. If there are no leads to dial for anyone:
    • It is most likely because the cache has not refreshed or a filter is disqualifying the leads.
    • You can see how many meet the criteria on the LMP with “count search results”
      • If the search results return “0 leads to dial”, manually remove filter criteria one at a time in order to see which filter is causing the problem.
    • “Time between calls” might be set to be too long in the dialer settings.
    • Check “days active” in the dialer settings.
    • Check the time ranges in the data queries. If the current time is outside of the time range, no leads will be brought in.
    • On the LMP, the start date and end date are limited.

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