I Have a Stuck Agent Leg

Not able to get a connection to the agent leg:

  1. Station phone number: In the Dialer Settings of your Click-to-Call or PowerDialer, look at the phone number listed in the Station Phone field.
    • If this number is not number you are trying to use as your agent leg, replace the number with your actual station phone number, save your changes, and try to dial again.
  2. If the number is the number you are trying to use as your agent leg, proceed with the following steps.
    • Check whether or not the dialer thinks they are still connected.
    • Dialer Settings -> at the bottom of the dialer settings window, it will say either “connected” or “disconnected” -> if it is connected, press the “disconnect” button. -> Try to connect to the agent leg again
    • If left inactive for 5 minutes, a stuck agent leg will disconnect itself.
  3. If it is not a stuck agent leg:
    • Try calling their phone directly and see if the phone is working at all
    • Go to dialer settings -> change the station phone number to another number (cell phone, neighbor’s desk phone, etc.) -> try to dial a record (a test record will suffice if it has a real phone number)
    • Put their station phone as a client leg, and your station phone as the agent leg. See if it connects correctly.

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