The Wrong Leads Are Pulling In

If the wrong leads appear to be coming into the dialer:

  1. Check for duplicate records (these can have incorrect information on them, qualifying them for the initiative), callbacks, or call-nows which both override the dialer initiative criteria.
  2. Callbacks start with the person that set them. If the owner has not called on the callback within the failover period (set in the dialer initiative settings), it will failover as specified in the settings (only owner, initiative attendees, etc.).
  3. Queries on dialer initiatives will override the settings of the initiative itself. (If the initiative settings are set to “only dial own” and the dialer query settings are set to “initiative attendees” anyone will receive the records.) The system will go through all the records that fit a certain query and then go through all the records that fit the next query, etc.
  4. Records that come into the dialer may not actually fit the criteria because the record field values were changed after the latest update of the dialer cache. The record will still come into the dialer though and it will have the newest updated value, making it look like it doesn’t qualify. The only changes to a lead record that matter are those that happen before the latest refresh of the seek list.

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