Create a Static Dialer Initiative

Static Dialer Initiatives are created by running a search from the Leads or Contacts within the LMP. They're "static" because unlike Dynamic Initiatives, the list of names in the call queue never changes once the Initiative is created.

Remember that static initiatives are designed to be surgical, and linear—a user starts at the top of the static list, and works their way to the bottom until finished. Once a record has been dialed as part of a Static Initiative, it gets marked and removed from the list queue.

Static initiatives are created by running an advanced search from the Leads tab. For example, let’s say I wanted to find a list of leads in:

  • A particular campaign
  • In the state of California
  • That were all marked as new leads, or had no status set.

  1. You would select these options in the advanced search. And run the search.
  2. Once we run our search, the next step is to create our static initiative by clicking the Start Dialer button in the right corner of the Leads tab screen.
  3. The system will take the compiled list of names, and ask us to specify the parameters of our static dialing initiative.
    • Name: Give the initiative a descriptive name. In many cases, we recommend including the date the list is created as part of the name, since this helps users visually cue in to what the Initiative contains.
    • Owner: Assign an Initiative owner. This is the user responsible for managing this list, though based on the Visibility setting, they may not be the only user calling on it.
    • Visibility: Determines whether only the owner, or other users will have the option of calling on the list simultaneously.
    • Default Script: Specifies if a particular agent call script should be assigned to the Initiative.
    • Force Default Script: Instructs the Initiative to ONLY display the Default Script specified in the previous option, even if the Campaign or Area Code script rules would normally override it.
  4. Once the options are selected, you can decide if you want to immediately begin dialing the list by clicking Start Dialer, or if you want to start the list later click Save and Close Window. If you start the dialer immediately, you will be taken to the outbound dialer screen to begin making calls. Otherwise, you will stay in the Leads tab to continue working.
  5. If you saved a Static Initiative previously but did not start it, you can go back to it by going to the Leads tab, clicking the Start Dialer button, and then choosing the ist you would like to call in the dropdown, as shown below.

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