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If your agents are using call logs, there's probably been times either you or they have wanted to speed up the process of getting the call logs entered and saved, so agents can move on quickly to the next call. The problem was, agents were forced to minimally input a call result for each call.

The call log defaults feature lets you establish a default field value for any and all task fields displayed in your call log panel. To access this feature, all you need to do is edit the appropriate fields, and set up the default value.

To set up your defaults, head to the Manage Dialer Panels link in the Admin tab, and select a panel to edit. BE AWARE that the default values you select are per-panel; if you have agents using different panels but want the same defaults applied, you'll need to edit all of the affected panels.

To edit the panel, select the Call Log section of the panel you're editing. Then click on the field name within the panel so that it shows as selected.

ext, click the Edit button in the top right of the field "trough" area. In the overlay window you'll see a new dropdown field allowing you to select / input a default field value.

Input a default value, then click Save. From that point forward, agents using the selected panel will have the default value input for each call they make automatically.

To change the value, the user simply needs to update the field to a value of their choosing.

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