Dialer Panel Editor Functions

You can create a new dialer panel by clicking either the Create New PowerDialer Panel or the Create New Click-to-Call Panel button above and to the right of the list.

You can also choose a panel you'd like to edit by clicking the Edit link next to its name (This will take you to Dialer Panel Editor -- see the corresponding heading for more information).

For now, click Edit next to one of the Standard Panels to begin editing in the Dialer Panel Editor. The process of creating new panels will be covered later in this walkthrough.

On the editor page you can add, remove, arrange, and edit sections in the panel, add custom buttons, and so on.

Adding a Section

You can add sections from the Section Trough into the Section Organizer. Panels already present there will be “greyed out” (pale and unselectable) in the Section Trough.

To add a panel, simply drag it from the Section Trough and drop it to the desired location in the Section Organizer. A blue line indicates where the section will be placed when it is dropped.

Selecting a Section

Now click on a section in the Section Organizer. The selected section will be highlighted in a blue border.

Removing a Section

To eliminate the section from your layout completely, click the X in the upper right corner. Notice that this section is now available in the Section Trough should you decide to put it back in.

NOTE: You cannot remove the Dialer Controls Section from your layout.

Moving a Section

You can also use the Section Organizer to shift the position of the sections that are already in your layout. To do this, select the section you wish to move. You can then drag and drop it into the a new position. A blue line indicates where the section will go when it is dropped.

NOTE: The Dialer Controls Section cannot be moved from its position at the top of the layout.

The Section Organizer is also used to select individual sections for editing in the Section Editor.

Editing a Section

Click on a section in the Section Organizer to select it. This section now appears in detail in the Section Editorimmediately to the left. This editor is used to change the layout within a section.

Adding Buttons

When a section is selected, the Button Troughdisplays the buttons that can be placed there. "Greyed out" buttons are already on the section or can't be placed on it. You can drag and drop the others into the section displayed in the Section Editor. As you drag the button over various possible positions on the section, a blue line or dotted box shows where it will go when it is dropped.


  • Some sections can't accept custom buttons. Others can't be edited in the Section Editor at all, but can only be removed, added, or moved in the Section Organizer.
  • Click-to-Call panels can not use any custom buttons.

Moving Buttons

To move a button to a different place within the section, click on it in the Section Editor. It should now be highlighted in a blue box, with an X in the upper right corner. You can drag and drop the highlighted button to different positions in the section. As you do so, a blue line or dotted box indicates its prospective position. Note that buttons can take up a whole row or share a row with other buttons.

Removing Buttons

To remove a button altogether, select it in the Section Editorand click the X in the upper right corner. This takes it off the section layout and returns it to the Button Trough.

NOTE: Some sections may not allow you to relocate a button without first removing it to send it to the Button Trough.

Quick Save, Save, and Save As

Use these functions to save your work on your custom layout.

Quick Save: This saves any changes to the existing panel and keeps you on the editing screen.

Save: This saves the current configuration and brings you back to the panel list page.

Save As: This will pull up a new dialogue, asking you to input a new panel name, and then decide if you want to immediately add teams to the panel, or add them later (see the section entitled "Name and Team Assignment" later in this document for more information).

Cancel, Undo, and Redo

Cancel: This button is located next to the Quick Save button. Clicking it will exit the Dialer Panel Editor and discard any unsaved work.

Undo / Redo: These buttons will undo or restore changes you made in the Dialer Panel Editor.

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