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Menu Action

We all have experience with interactive voice menus, sometimes called an interactive voice recording (IVR). The menu action gives your call path the same capability, presenting the caller with a selectable list of options.

Menu Options

First you'll need to define the message that will play back when the caller arrives at the menu. Remember this differs from the Play Message action, where the caller cannot interact or move ahead while the messaging is playing. Callers can interact with a Menu anytime.

  • Select the menu message.
  • Choose how many times the message should play back before the menu's default option is automatically selected and the caller moves on.
  • Set the delay for how long the system should wait before looping the message.

Branching a Menu to the Next Action

Linking an action as a menu branch is no different than adding any other action; grab it from the panel and drag it to the canvas. When you drag a connecting arrow from the menu to downline action "branch," notice that a small white box appears in the middle of the arrow. This is where you set the menu "press here" for the caller's handset.

Click on the small, white box and a pop-up window will appear, asking you to select handset number / key, and whether you want to set this as the default option. You can change the default menu option at any time by selecting the appropriate connection and updating the Default Option checkmark.

Configuration Notes

  • You have to have at least one action connected to a menu branch.
  • If you don't connect an action branch to the menu, the call will automatically disconnect after the menu message has played back for the final time.

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