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Route to Last Caller Action

Route to Last Caller sends an inbound call back to the agent who most recently dialed the number identified in the incoming caller ID. You can limit the amount of time that has passed between the agent dial and the return call, ensuring that if more than a few days have passed, other agents will have the opportunity to take the call.


  • Object - Select whether the system should look up the incoming caller ID as a lead or contact object. If no match is found for the selected object, the call path will move on to the next action.
  • Called Within (Days) - If a match is found, the system will reference this number to see if the identified record should still be routed to the last caller. If the last call was not made within X days, the call path will move on to the next action.
  • Agent Answer Timeout (sec) - When a match is found for a record, and the last agent to dial the record is available, this defines how long the agent has to pick up the incoming call before the system continues on the call path.
  • No Answer Failover - If the agent is not available or fails to pick up the call within the answer timeout, this tells the call path how to proceed. The options are:
    • "Rep's Station Phone" - Forwards the call out of the call path and goes directly to the phone number stored in the agent's user profile. This would be a good option if you want the call to go directly to the agent's voicemail.
    • "Continue in Call Path" - Moves ahead to the next action in the call path.
    • "Call Path" - Sends the call out of the current call path and over to a different one. The call will proceed through the new call path from the path's start point.

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