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Route to Owner Action

Route to Record Owner works similarly to Route to Last Caller; the main difference is that there's no time limit on when the record owner last made contact or dialed. The call path will always make an attempt to send the call to the owner, whether it's been six hours or six months since the owner last made contact.


  • Object - Select whether the record to check is a lead or contact in the system.
  • Agent Answer Timeout (sec) - How long the record owner has to accept the phone call before the call path fails over.
  • No Answer Failover - Where the call will route if / when the agent timeout expires.
    • "Rep's Station Phone" - Forwards the call to the record owner's station phone, linked to the default telephone field in his or her user profile.
    • "Continue in Call Path" - Sends the call to the next action in the path.

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