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Once the communications platform is enabled for your system, a new link will appear in your Admin tab for Manage Call Paths. Click the link and you'll be taken to the call path list area.

The Create New | Edit | Delete options are self-explanatory, but we want to point out the Inbound Numbers section. This allows you to get a quick glance at all of the assigned toll-free and LocalPresence bucket numbers assigned to the path. Hover your mouse over the View link to get a view.

Click to Edit and existing path, or Create New and let's take a look at the path editor.

Path Editor - The Basic "Canvas"

The call path editor uses a "canvas" to generate an easy-to-see visual flow of your path. Each step along the way is represented by an icon in the path. Adding an icon updates the available options for that specific point in the path.

Required Elements

Every path has to have a Start action, as shown in the screenshot above, and an ending action. A path should always end in one of the following three actions:

  • Disconnect
  • Call Forward
  • Path Bridge

We'll discuss each of these in more detail in a bit; the important thing to remember is that any call path that does not end in a terminator defaults to the Disconnect option. For example, if you set a call path to route to an agent queue, but did not have a terminator set for the path, if no one answers within the call path's time limit, the call will simply drop.

In most cases you probably don't want a caller to just disconnect without warning. Instead you'd want to forward them to another number (the Call Forward option), or a separate call path to initiate a different flow (the Path Bridge option). Use of the actual Disconnect terminator will be very rare, but there may be cases where this is the appropriate option.

Technically you don't HAVE to include the Disconnect object in the call path, but it makes it much easier to visualize how a call path ends if you include it when it's appropriate to do so.

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