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Using the Canvas

Most of the call path editor uses intuitive, drag-and-drop style actions to add actions and links. To add an action type grab it from the canvas "dock" area and drag it in.

Once you've added some actions, you'll want to link them together in the correct order. To do this, hover your mouse over an icon on the canvas. Notice that a bubble dialog with the word "connect" appears in the middle.

Place the mouse cursor inside the Connect bubble area. Click and hold the left mouse button and start to drag, and a connecting arrow and line will appear. Move the mouse over the icon you wish to connect, and let go of the mouse button. The connector will snap to the object. Simple, right?

If you decide later you need to break the connection, simply click the line and arrow. A browser dialog will appear, asking if you wish to remove the connection.

Setting Options for Path Actions

Most path actions require setting up one or more options before they're ready for use. Without the right values set for those options, the entire call path won't function properly, or you'll see strange call routing behavior.

To set an option for a specific path action, double-click on the action in the canvas. A pop-up window will appear, showing you the available options for that action (we'll cover the options individually with their respective actions).

Saving a Path and Call Path Properties

  • The Save action saves the call path and returns you to the call path list page.
  • Save As makes a copy of your current call path, and saves it under a different name you choose.
  • Quick Save saves the current call path but keeps you on the same page so you can continue editing.

Validating a Path on Save

When you save a call path, the system first validates that you've completed all of the necessary options for each action. Actions that require additional values will highlight in red, and you'll see a warning in your browser.

Is Everything Linked?

While the editor will warn you if an action is missing some of its options, it won't warn you if an action isn't correctly linked to its preceding or following action(s). Double-check each action and make sure they're linked correctly to ensure proper call routing.

Call Path Properties

If you haven't set the Call Path Properties prior to save, the system will ask you set them when you save for the first time. You'll need to give your call path a name, and assign it one or more toll-free numbers, and / or LocalPresence "buckets."

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