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Welcome to the future of Communications

We’ve been working hard to improve the InsideSales communications platform. Below is information on critical updates and new features. We will contact you to schedule your migration. Please contact support if you have any questions about this upgrade.

Key Date

Migration Completion: March 16, 2015

You Need to Know

  • This critical update supports both new functionality and critical updates.
  • If migration is not completed by the deadline, inbound and outbound calling will not function.
  • An rep will schedule a time to help install packages and perform migrations to ensure a smooth transition.
  • You must uninstall the Adobe Air inbound application after the migration is complete.

In this Update

This update includes performance enhancements and these key features:

Graphical Call Path Editor

Improved Routing

  • Inbound now routes multiple calls simultaneously.
  • No need for reps to select ACDs.
  • Route calls by time of day.

Integrated Inbound

Release Notes

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Advanced Training Guides

Advanced training for the Lead Management Platform.

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