KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are the statistics you want to track and encourage using the PowerStandings system. For example, a KPI might be the number of dials made or the number of appointments set.

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Setting Up KPI's

Setting up KPI's



What KPI's are Available

Available KPI's

For reference, here are the currently available KPI's and their information.

KPI Category Description Abbreviation Setup Type
Annual Contract Value Sales Recurring revenue expressed as an annual value. ACV Manual
Appointment Held Lead Gen A previously-scheduled prospect or client appointment was held. Often tied to the completion of a task or event, or a specific record field value. Appts Held Manual
Appointment Set Lead Gen Agent sets a scheduled appointment with a relevant lead / prospect / client. Appts Set Manual
Completed Needs Analysis Sales A milestone indicating an agent completed a relevant needs analysis. Often tied to a deal / opportunity. Nds Anly Manual
Completed Product Demonstration Sales A milestone indicating an agent performed a relevant product / service demonstration. Often tied to a deal / opportunity. Demos Manual
Contact Lead Gen An agent made a live contact with a real person on a call. This is different from a "Correct Contact," which indicates the agent made live contact with a specific, identified target. A "Contact" often indicates a connection with a gatekeeper or other individual, but did not reach the identified target. Contacts Auto
Contracts Reviewed Sales A milestone indicating a formal contract has been reviewed. Often tied to a deal / opportunity. Ctrct Rev Manual
Correct Contact Lead Gen An agent made a live contact with a specific, identified target. See the "Contact" KPI description for more info. Cor Cntcts Auto
Dial Effort A dial was placed to a database record. Dials Auto
Disqualified Lead Lead Gen Indicates a record did not meet the basic business / opportunity / budget / market targets. Often tied to an early-stage lead progression. Disql Ld Manual
Email Effort Agent sent an email template through the system software. Emails Auto
Fax Effort Agent sent a fax through the system software. Faxes Auto
Inbound Available Time Effort Amount of time an agent spends marked as "Available" to receive inbound calls. This does not include "talk time," which is a separate KPI. Inbd Avl Auto
Inbound Talk Time Effort Amount of time an agent spends actively working on inbound calls. Inbd Talk Auto
Monthly Recurring Revenue Sales A revenue amount meant to indicate a monthly recurring revenue value for a given opportunity. MRR Manual
One-time Revenue Sales Revenue attached to an opportunity that occurs as a one-time sale / transaction. REV Manual
Opportunity Lost Sales A milestone indicating a lost opportunity, due to failure to come to terms, or stoppage of communication. Often tied to a deal / opportunity. Opp Lost Manual
Opportunity Size Sales The estimated revenue amount tied to a particular opportunity. Opp Size Manual
Opportunity Won Sales Indicates a closed sale / deal / opportunity. Opp Won Manual
Outbound Talk Time Effort Time spent physically talking on the phone on outbound calls placed. Does not include ring time. Out Talk Auto
Proposals Sent Sales A milestone indicating a proposal was sent to a lead / prospect / client. Often tied to a deal / opportunity. Prop Snt Manual
Qualified Opportunity Lead Gen A milestone indicating an "early stage" lead / prospect has been determined to meet the minimum requirements for a potential opportunity. Qual Opp Manual
Set Callback Effort An agent sets up a specific callback time. Often tied to a dialer system callback object, or a task / event. Callbacks Auto
SMS Effort Agent sent a predefined text message template through the system software. SMS Auto
Social Message Effort Agent sent a social media message to someone in their network. Social Auto
Total Contract Value Sales Total revenue for a contract. TCV Manual
Total Talk Time Effort An aggregate of total Inbound and Outbound talk time. Total Talk Auto
Voicemail Effort Agent sent a pre-recorded voice message through the dialer software. VMs Auto


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