Setting Up the Standings Bar

One of the most important aspects on the Edit Team page is the Standings Bar settings at the top of the page.

For agents assigned to a team, the standings bar will display at the top of the window when agents are in the PowerDialer. This replaces the Daily Metrics Bar.

Each widget shows the KPI being tracked, how many times the agent has performed the KPI, (labeled "You" here on the editing page) how many times the agent just ahead of them on the team has performed the KPI, (labeled "Next" here on the editing page) and the agent's rank on the team for meeting that KPI. Note: if the agent is in first place, it will show the agent just behind them instead.

Each team's Standings Bar can contain up to 6 widgets. You can change which widgets will display, the order in which they appear, and what they do. Click on a blank slot to create a new widget. Hover over a widget and click the X to delete a widget, or click the pencil icon to edit it. You can also drag widgets and drop them onto different widget slots on the Standings Bar.

When editing a widget, choose "KPI" for type, and then choose which KPI you want the widget to display. Then choose the date range for the stats to include.

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