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September 2014

Released: September 25, 2014

Featured Enhancements

Day of Week Added as Task Field for Reporting

M10666 - To improve call activity reporting, we added an optional task field that specifically identifies the day of the week a call and call result took place. This allows managers to more easily visualize days and times of the week that are producing the most effective results.

The Trust and System Status Page

M11958 - This release unveils the system trust page, communicating to our clients publicly the status of our systems. The page incorporates update release schedules, and system status notices for any issues related to our various products.

As updates are added to the app, you'll be able to see a running, trackable history of uptime and release schedules.

Additional System Enhancements

Content Templates for SMS (Text Messages)

M8619 - Clients using our text messaging (SMS) service for prospecting now have the ability to create custom text messages to send at the click of a button. Templates follow standard SMS conventions and character limits.

Style Updates to Domino and Seek List Pages

M10254 - Made some minor UI changes to the Domino and Seek list pages for visual consistency.

Changes to Role Selection in Dialer Lists

M11069 - When clients would have large numbers of user roles in Salesforce, selecting roles to assign to a call list was unwieldy, and in extreme circumstances could crash the user's browser. We changed the role assignment function to make it easier to use and avoid the script sequence from crashing.

Bug Fixes

Lead Management Platform

443466 - The back-end of the PowerDialer for LMP was loading a record search pager function that was unnecessary. Refactored the code to no longer use the unnecessary pager function.

501726 - Users marked as "Administrators" in the LMP were missing access to report editing functions that should have been present based on their permission settings.

506206 - The LMP case object was having problems saving information when a significant number of fields (1,000+) were present. The required and field log settings would not update correctly in the layout editor or in the custom field manager.

512536 - The custom case timer field associated with the LMP case object was not configured to allow time settings to start or end exactly on the hour, meaning times had to be logged as "11:01" or "10:59," but not "11:00."

520298 - A minor visual bug was causing the panel selection controls to appear on the LMP layout editor, even when the layout didn't contain any active panels.

523078 - The click-to-call panel was incorrectly appearing in the side bar on certain report pages in the LMP.

526046 - Escaped the layout name field area to prevent a XSS vulnerability in the LMP.

526102 - The "Can Mass Email" setting for users in the LMP would not correctly update if the setting was removed from a user. The system would continue to show the user had permission to mass email.

General Dialer Services

466942 - Several components in the inbound call ACM services were using command functions that were no longer needed. Those commands were deprecated.

515554 - Inbound calls that failed over out of an ACD or IVR were being labeled incorrectly in the reporting system as outbound dials.

517548 - A missing table index was causing the call recording generation script to have to pause approximately 5 seconds between call recording copy operations from the dialer server to call recording server. This was causing unnecessary delays and back logs in the call recording process, degrading system performance for those components.

General Data Platform

501136 - A certain database query was failing to properly execute a file lock command, causing the query to slow system performance.

520302 - Deprecated an old pass-through PHP page used during the login process that was no longer necessary.

525074 - The response time report metric was not fully accounting for all response time activities being logged, and failing to record an entry in some cases where the calculated reponse time fell too long out of a specific time range.

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