Mass Merging Record Objects

Mass merging is actually one of the functions included in the standard Mass Update tool located in any standard records tab area. This function allows you to take two (or more) duplicate records, and combine them back into one record, with all of the attached activities, notes, etc. attached.

To merge records, go to the appropriate records tab, and run a database search. Then click the Mass Update tool at the bottom left of the page. In the dropdown, select Mass Merge.

As usual, the dialogue will ask if you want the Merge tool to look at data chosen with the mass action checkboxes, or all of the results at once. You'll also need to select the data fields on which you want to base the duplicate check. Phone number and email address are almost always effective options, as they are typically unique to a single contact (or company).

Notice as well the Auto-select "merge to" by most recently modified date option. This can be useful if you know that your users have been working some of the data already. This auto-selects the record to keep as the "master" file if it was the most recently updated.

When ready, click Show Merge Groups.

If the system finds any records that match your merge criteria, It displays the results as a series of grouped lists, as shown.

To merge the files, first select the object to keep as the "master," or primary file, and which files you want to merge into it. For example, in our sample image it's pretty clear that Mario and Luigi work for the same company, so maybe we want to merge them into a single Lead file. However, it's also clear that Bruce Wayne and John Wayne are separate entities, so we would want to ignore that group as part of our merge.

When finished, click the Merge button to complete the process. After completion, the system will show a short dialogue showing how many records were merged.

Of all the information you merge, only the fields for the record being selected as 'keeping' will stay.

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