Mass Updating Data

As a Sysadmin, you'll occasionally find that you need to update an entire block of records at once. For example, you had a list of names marked in one Campaign, but want to move them to another.

At the bottom of each main record tab in the LMP is the Mass Update button. This tool lets you perform actions that can be applied to an entire list of records at once.

Common mass actions include assigning ownership of data, updating record status, changing campaign assignment, or deleting data.

To use the Mass Update tool, first run a search using the right criteria. After your list compiles, next decide whether you want to mass update all of the items found, or only a select few within your list.

To mass update the entire list of results, there's no additional steps required; simply click the Mass Update dropdown, and choose the action or field you want to update.

Then choose the option to update All Search Results.

If you don't want to update all of the records, but only a select few within your search block, you'll first need to mark the items you want to update. This is done with the small checkbox field to the left of the records in your list.

Remember that if needed, you can set your Results Per Page up to 1,000 records at a time. This lets you scroll through a larger block at once if you need to check mark names at the bottom of your list.

After you select the records you want to update, once again click the Mass Update dropdown and choose the necessary field. You'll get the same dialogue to complete the update actions, only this time choose to update Selected Search Results.

When done, click Update Items, and the system will perform the mass update. After completing the mass update, the system will return you to the list screen.

Be aware that if the records you just updated no longer meet your original search criteria, they won't appear in the list after the screen refreshes. If you want to track them down, you’ll need to run a new search using updated criteria.

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