NeuralView™ directs sales reps’ efforts to the prospects most likely to engage and to close. Customized for your business, NeuralView seamlessly in​jects big data predictions into your reps’ workflow, delivering not just analytics but actions​​ and results. Automatically target the right contacts at the right time and optimize reps’ activities and efficiency using the industry’s leading predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine. Leverage insights from over 80 billion sales interactions to drive increased conversations, close rates and average deal sizes.​​​

Benefits of NeuralView

  • Rights Leads at the Right Time: NeuralView presents to agents the record with the highest score and greatest likelihood of contact
  • Customized Predictions: We create a predictive model tailored to your business and to your activities.​
  • Actionable Scoring: Give reps the information they need to prioritize workflows without bogging them down with extraneous information or steps.
  • Dynamic Models: NeuralView continues learning from rep interactions and wins, ensuring that the predictive model is always aware of what’s coming around the bend.

Using Neuralview

  1. From your Click-to-Call panel, click on Settings in the upper right corner.
  2. Open the drop-down options beneath Dialer List and click on the list you wish to call from.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Once you are returned to the Click-to-Call panel, click Neural Next.
  5. The list will launch and a record will be presented for you to call.
  6. When you are ready to call the lead, click Dial on your Click-to-Call panel.
  7. InsideSales will then call your station phone number as setup in your Click-to-Call settings and establish the Agent Leg.
  8. Once you answer and connect the Agent Leg, InsideSales will then call the lead.
  9. At the conclusion of your call, DO NOT hang-up your station phone.  Simply click Disconnect on the Click-to-Call.
  10. Once you have dispositioned the record and made any additional notes, you can click Neural Next to proceed to the next record.

Understanding NeuralView

The NeuralView product offers an optional component that can be shown to users to help them understand more regarding the external context for the scores, as well as the history of this particular record’s score. We recommend against using this component for users who have a very strong outbound workflow (i.e. Sales Development Reps). Those reps only need to take advantage of the prioritization engine in order to optimize their workflow. This would be recommended for users who are operating further down in the sales funnel.

When you open a Lead, you will see the NeuralView information below:

On the left, you see the NeuralScore and Contactability scores.  On the right, the Lead History is a 30 day snapshot of the daily history of the scores, as well as a record of any Outbound Activity that occurred on that record.

For more a more detailed look at any of the information on the chart, use the cursor to hover over the field you wish to drill into and a window will open with more information.



Daily History & Outbound History:

For a more detailed view of the data behind the scores, you can open a detailed view by clicking on the gray arrow box in the upper right corner of the NeuralView field.

Opening the detailed view will provide an image similar to the below example:

The 4 categories of information are (from left to right):

  1. Firmographic (blue) – information relating to the company referenced on the record.
  2. Histographic (green) – information relating to historical occurrences that have bearing on the sales context.
  3. Demographic (purple) – information relating to the person referenced on the record.
  4. Geographic (yellow) – information relating to the geotemporal state of the record.

In order to return to the histograph, click on the X in the upper right corner.

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