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It's unusual for the Outlook plugin not to work "out of the box" but hopefully with a little troubleshooting we can get your emails forwarding to salesforce.

Some steps to check:

  1. Are you downloading the most up to date plugin? Please select 'Outlook (for Windows)' from the drop down menu within your Email Forwarding instructions:

  2. Do you have more than one email account associated with your Outlook? Our plugin only logs email for the primary Outlook account.
  3. Do you have any rules which "file" messages to folders other than the inbox? We can only forward emails that hit the Inbox as their first stopping point.
  4. Do you have other email plugins that might run on email send? Example: If you use the salesforce plugin and hit "send and log" it would prevent our plugin from running.
  5. Are both the iHance Log inbound email and Log outbound email options checked off in your Outlook?
  6. Verify our plugin is completely enabled. To check this, click File >> Options >> Add Ins. Then select Manage >> Disabled Items . If you see the iHance plugin disabled, you need to enable it.
  7. If you're using Outlook 2007 the instructions to view your enabled / disabled add-ins are a little different. Visit this external link:


    Once you follow the instructions you'll need to 'Mange: disabled Items' and enable the iHance outlook add-in. Then re-start Outlook and you should see the iHance plugin in your toolbar. Make sure log outbound and inbound emails is selected as pictured above.

If none of these solutions work, you may want to explore moving to a server-side logging configuration.

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