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If you forget your password, you can click the Forgot your password link on the login page, enter your email, and click Send. If the email you entered is valid, you will receive a message with a link to page shown below. Alternatively, admins can send out this email using the process outlined in the section of this document entitled "Admin Resetting a User's Password."

If the requirements are met and the Password and Confirm fields match, the Save button confirms the submission and changes the password. The user will then be allowed to log in with their new password.

Admin Resetting a User's Password

The Reset Password button is visible when the user views employee profiles other than his or her own. Pressing this button will bring up the following popup window to confirm the reset of the user password.

If you click Cancel, nothing happens. If you click OK, the system will email the affected user a link which they can use to reset their password.

If you want to temporarily lock down a user's account, you'll need to "delete" the user (render them inactive).

User Resetting Their Own Password

When users view their own profile, the Password Reset button reads Edit Password.

The password entry field will display as shown, including the new password strength display tools.

Creating a New User

When you or another admin creates a new user, you'll typically input a username, and much of the user's profile info. When you save the profile, you will be given the option to set the user's initial password. When you do so, you'll be given the window to create the password.

New passwords must meet all of the requirements outlined in order to be accepted by the system. As a password is entered, the Password Requirements box will check off each requirement as it is fulfilled. These requirements are set on thePassword Security Settings Page, which is explained in the next section of this document.

A password strength indicator also rates the overall complexity of the password.

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