Password Strength Meter

Notice the strength meter that evaluates password strength as it is entered on the various password creation pages.

As a password is typed, the strength meter displays one of six designations depending on the complexity of the password. The system bases its rating based on the amount of various types of characters used in the password:

  • Capital letters (Remember: passwords are case-sensitive.)
  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters
  • Total characters

Here are the password ratings in order from weakest to strongest:

  • Invalid - Password does not meet the set requirements.
  • Very Weak
  • Weak
  • Moderate
  • Strong
  • Very Strong

Password Requirements Checklist

Password entry pages also feature a Password Requirements Checklist. This list displays the password requirements and checks them off as a new password is entered.

These requirements can be set by administrators. See the next section of this document for details.

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