Troubleshooting Stuck Updates

If you are not seeing updates in PowerStandings, you may need to make sure your ports are open to allow web socket traffic.


PowerStandings is not Automatically Updating.


Automatic updates are not working, but a manual refresh works.

Potential Cause

Your system is not allowing web socket traffic. This may be an issue with individual or company firewalls, or with outdated root certificates in your web browser.


If a manual refresh does update all standings, then the problem is most likely an issue with web socket traffic. PowerStandings uses web sockets to continually update web pages, including PowerStandings.

To check the status of the web socket connections:

  1. Open a PowerStandings page within a Google Chrome browser.
  2. Open the Developer Tools (F12) and choose the Network tab.
  3. Reload your PowerStandings page.
  4. Select the Websockets sub tab and click on the individual web sockets (WS).
  5. Check to see if the sockets are completing. If there is no web socket activity (see examples below), then the traffic is most likely blocked and you must open up your firewalls to allow traffic.
  6. No Web Socket Activity

    Healthy Web Socket Activity



You ensure that all firewalls (individual and company-wide) allow traffic to the InsideSales websocket servers:


Secure Connection
The InsideSales web socket servers use the WSS:// (Web Socket Secure) protocol. This is a secure, encrypted connection. Some administrators may be hesitant to allow traffic through port 80, however this is a secure connection trnsmitted over a secure protocol.

Web Browser Version

Our WSS certificates are relatively new and connected to newer root certificates. If your web browser is not updated frequently, then your browser may not have the proper root certificate to accept our certificates. Update your browser to see if this solves the issue.

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