Generate Response Pops

When a Lead comes in through a Web POST, the system looks to see if there is an ACD ID static variable included. If there is, ResponsePop immediately looks for available agents on the ACD. If it finds one, just like an inbound phone call, a screen pop appears on the agent's screen. The difference is that the dialer connects the agent, and then actually dials the Lead.

The entire process—posting the lead to the database, connecting the agent, dialing the Lead—generally happens in under 30 seconds, guaranteeing near-instant response times, and dramatically increasing the probability of making contact.

The value of this tool cannot be emphasized enough, especially if your company generates Leads from the Web. Take advantage of the power of ResponsePop.

ResponsePop Via ELF

ResponsePop can also be triggered as part of any ELF campaign. The possible settings, strategy, and scenarios for setting up an ELF-based ResponsePop are too numerous to discuss in detail, just understand that this is a possible action interval in the ELF system.

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