Add and Assess Employees

With the positions added, you need to start training your model by assessing your current employees. There are essentially two ways to add employees:

  • Send a link using Sales Indicator (recommended)
  • Send a link using email.

Send a Link Using Sales Indicator

When you send the link from Sales Indicator the employee is added to the system, which offers two benefits over just sending a link via email:

  • You can track who has started and completed the assessments.
  • The employees are ready to sync with the CRM data.

If you just email a link, the employee much start the assessment before they are added to the system.

To add an employee from Sales Indicator:

  • Go to each position page. Click on Postions and then click on View under the Data Model column.
  • Click the ADD button under Add Users to Model.
  • Fill in the fields, or you can upload a CSV file (with no headers, but with the same data columns: First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  • Click Create User and the system will send the assessments to each employee.

Sending from the Home Page

You may alternatively send assessments from the home page, and this will also add the employees to the system:

There is no CSV option, and you must select the position and click the employee option:

Send a Link Using Email

If you want to send out assessments using an email template, then you will want to use the direct link to the assessment for each position:

  • Send links created for each position. All employees in each position can receive the same link.
  • Go to each position page. Click on Postions and then click on the position name.
  • The link is located under the Postion Settings.
  • By filling out the assessment, each employee will create a their own employee profile.

Salesforce Account Email
If you plan to sync Salesforce data, make sure that employees complete the assessment using the same email account that they use for their Salesforce account.

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