Upload Data from Other CRMs

You can import the relevant sales performance data for your existing employees by downloading, updating, and submitting a CSV file for each position. The Neuralytics platform needs this data to tune your model for your business and improve predictibility.

  1. Go to each position: Position > (Postion Name)
  2. Scroll to the bottom: CSV Upload
  3. Click on the link to download the CSV file for that position.
  4. Update the CSV file
    • The file lists all of your employees and two sales criteria.
    • Run reports within your CRM to determine the data for each employee
    • Use Integers for Percent
      The column for percent is titled as percent (%) and formated to use integers for the percent. For example, if the employee achieves 78% of quota, type: 78

    • You may reorder the names for easier data entry, but you must leave the top row as headers.
    • Save the updated file.
  5. Navigate back to the position page and this time Choose the file and Submit it.

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