Setting Up Your Dashboard

  1. Go to the InsideSales tab and click on 'Manage Dashboards'
  2. 'Open', 'Delete', or 'Create New Dashboard'
  3. When you first create a dashboard, you'll be prompted to set up the basic settings first. To start, choose the name, theme, and view and edit permissions for the dashboard.
    1. Dashboard Name determines the name of the dashboard on the Manage Dashboards list. This name also displays at the top of the leaderboard at all times.
    2. Theme determines the visual style of the dashboard's background. It is entirely cosmetic.
    3. View Permission determines which users can see this dashboard. You can choose "Only Me," "All Users," or "Selected Users." Choosing this last option opens an interface allowing you to select particular users.
    4. Edit Permission determines which users can change this dashboard. As above, you can choose "Only Me," "All Users," or "Selected Users," with the last option opens an interface allowing you to select particular users.
  4. You can change these after the initial creation of the dashboard by hovering your mouse in the upper-right corner of the dashboard and clicking the Dashboard Settings link that will appear as shown below.

  5. After that you can decide what the dashboard will display. The dashboard displays up to 6 widgets that show the progress of your team with various KPIs. Click one of the plus symbols to open a dialog to determine exactly what that space on the board will represent.

    The first dialogue gives you two options:

    1. 'Widget' Name determines the name that displays at the top of the widget
    2. 'Type' allows you to choose from several options:
      1. KPI will display the progress of a particular KPI.
      2. KPI Leaders shows the top-ranked leaders at completeing a particular KPI in releation to one another.
      3. Points displays the accumulation of Points.
      4. Countdown lets you set up a countdown to a particular time. This is useful if the dashboard is being used to show how agents are doing leading up to a particular deadline.

    Based on your 'Type' selection, a variety of other options releveant to that type will appear. Here's a few of the options you may see:

    1. KPI allows you to choose any KPI to track.
    2. Display As allows you to choose additional display options for the widget. For example, depending on your previous selections, it may offer control over how many of the top agents are displayed, or whether the widget displays a total or an average for a team statistic.
    3. Date Range controls the date range relevant to the widget. You can choose to display daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or all-time stats.
    4. The Team Selection dialogue at the bottom of the window is especially important. It lets you choose which teams are displayed on the widget. Be sure to highlight the teams whose progress you want to display and use the arrows to move them from "Available Teams" to "Selected."

  6. Shortly after you've made your selections, the board will start updating regulary.

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