Achievements are designed to be personal, self-effort goals for reps to measure their productivity internally. Challenges, on the other hand, are external competitions against other reps, or other teams of reps.

In PowerStandings there's two basic types of challenges:

  1. A "race," where the competitors are trying to be the first to hit a certain KPI mark (like a foot race with a finish line).
  2. "Timed challenges," where there's no pre-determined "finish line," but the rep with the highest score when time runs out is the winner (like a soccer match).

The type of challenge, the metrics and KPIs, and the conditions for winning are all built in to the challenge when you create it.

Click the Challenges link in your InsideSales tab to head over to the Manage Challenges page.

Notice in our sample list that the managers have created a recurring challenge called "Dialing Tornado." For our walkthrough we'll help you create a similar challenge.

Challenge Setup

  1. Click Create New Challenge to open the editor page.
  2. Fill out the fields for Step 1.
    • Challenge Name - Give your challenge a fun, engaging name. A unique name will help your reps understand the nature of the challenge, and will appear in performance reports and leaderboards.
    • Challenge Time Period - Challenges can either run on a recurring basis, or as a one-time event. For our sample "Dialer Tornado" challenge, we're going to set it as "Daily Recurring."
    • Type - The challenge type determines how competitors are organized.
      • "Agent vs Agent" challenges pit all reps assigned to the challenge against each other, regardless of which or how many PowerStandings teams are assigned to it. It's a free-for-all, every man or woman for him/herself!
      • "Team vs Team" challenges pit all assigned PowerStandings teams against the others.
    • Start / End - For a daily recurring challenge, the Start and End are set to specific times of day. Only KPIs accumulated within that time frame are counted toward the challenge.

      For one-time challenges, the Start and End also set the calendar date range for the challenge as well.

    • Teams - Select the PowerStandings teams to participate in the challenge. For "Agent vs Agent" challenges the team designation has no effect other than assign agents to the challenge.

      Custom Teams - If for some reason you don't want to use the default PowerStandings teams as you've defined them, you can choose "Custom." When you do, an additional field unlocks where you can define specific reps to participate in the challenge.

    • Description - Give your challenge a more detailed description as needed.
  3. Fill out the fields for Step 2.
    • Type - This is where you set whether the challenge is a "Race" or "Timed Event." For our "Dialer Tornado" we're going to set it to "Timed Event," since we want to see which rep has the most dials between 8 AM and 6 PM each day. In this case the basic challenge logic is, "Determine which rep performed the most dials each day between 8 AM and 6 PM."

      If we wanted to do a "Race" challenge, the logic might be, "Determine which rep is the first to reach 75 dials each day, beginning at 8 AM, and continuing until 6 PM or until a competitor reaches the finish line."

    • KPI - Select the KPI to measure. For our "Dialer Tornado" we're going to select "Dials."
    • Value or Operator - The last field in this section depends on whether you selected "Race" or "Timed Event" as the Type.

      If you selected "Race," the displayed field will be a Value. This indicates the "finish line" value for the "race."

      If you selected "Timed Event" (like we did), the field will ask you to choose an Operator. This setting determines whether the winner has the MOST of the defined KPI, or the LEAST of the defined KPI.

    • Include Weekends - This setting defines whether KPIs accumulated over Saturdays and Sundays should be included in challenge tallies.
  4. Set the Points Rewards in Step 3.

    There's two settings for each points reward— the points themselves, and the finishing rank for the rep who receives the reward. For example, let's say you want to award 1,000 points for 1st Place, 600 points for 2nd Place, and 300 points for 3rd Place. Each one would be added individually, with the points and rank assigned appropriately.

  5. When finished click Save, and your challenge is ready! As soon as the appropriate Start time is reached, the challenge will kick off. If the start time has already passed, the challenge goes live immediately.

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