Activating Users

Once you've finalized the site configuration details, the next step is to activate your users. We're only covering basic activation here to get your users up and running. For a more detailed look at user management, licensing, and billing, go here.

Once your users are activated, they'll be required to go through the OAuth synchronization process. This allows the PowerDialer™ to connect their Salesforce profiles to the database, and create an individual security token for them. This individual security token is NOT the same as the "master" OAuth token generated for the controlling administrator. This token is unique to the user, and indicates to the PowerDialer that they are authorized to perform dialer-related actions.

If a user is ever deactivated or othwerwise has their PowerDialer license revoked, the system deactiviates the unique user token.

  1. To activate your users, go to the InsideSales tab in Salesforce, and look for the Manage Users link.
  2. Click the Add New Users button. In the dialogue box, search and highlight for any users that need to be added.
  3. Checkmark the users you want to add, then click Add Users.
  4. The next time the user logs in and attempts to use a dialer function, they'll immediately go through the OAuth sync process as described here.

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