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As an administrator, all things PowerDialer start and end from the InsideSales tab. If you haven't already, we recommend permanently adding the InsideSales tab to your visible Salesforce tabs.

  1. Click the "plus" sign (+) to go to the Salesforce All Tabs page. Click Customize My Tabs.
  2. Move the "InsideSales" tab over to the "Selected Tabs" area, and Save.

Manager Actions

We've provided a quick visual run-down of the manager actions here. Some are self-explanatory, but we'll cover each in more detail in future sections.

Agent Dialing Tools

For non-admins the agent dialing links are the most common tools they'll use. Most non-admins won't see any other actions besides these in the InsideSales tab.

See the image below for a quick breakdown of the links.


PowerStandings is's gamification and sales motivation tool. It connects your reps' activity to a dedicated, real-time reporting system that measures their performance against other agents and teams of agents.

See the image below.

Administrator Tools

These are the "nuts and bolts" tools you'll use to set up and manage the core PowerDialer functionality. Each of these will be covered in detail in future sections.

Release Notes

Find our most recent release notes.


Our community forum is coming soon.

Advanced Training Guides

Advanced training for the PowerDialer for Salesforce.

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