This chapter walks you the creation of approximately forty advanced dialer and lead progress reports in Salesforce, using data provided from the PowerDialer. The goal is to help you as admins and managers not just track reps' effort, but effectiveness.


The PowerDialer works hand-in-hand with the Salesforce report engine to give you a wealth of intelligence about call activity. The PDSF makes it easy to track effort metrics such as dials and contacts, but with the right setup can give even deeper insights into the effectiveness of those efforts. As we help you better monitor effectiveness, you'll be able to meaningfully tailor your processes to optimize the right strategies.

What You'll Need

We assume you've already explored the standard reports provided with the PowerDialer package, and have a basic understanding of key dialer metrics. We also assume you're comfortable working with the Salesforce report engine; specifically that you have a working knowledge of:

  • Creating a Matrix Format report
  • Using bucket fields
  • Using the formula tool

If you'd like to review some of the Salesforce basics, check out one of the following links.

As you follow our walkthroughs (or Salesforce's), you'll notice a common pattern for many of the report options. Applying those patterns to other reports will help ease the setup process.

IMPORTANT - Modifying a "Finished" Report

Once you've finished building a custom report, you'll have the option in Salesforce to modify some of the basic filter settings on the fly.

Please be aware: If you modify the report view using the "quick filters" YOU MUST NOT SAVE THOSE CHANGES. DO NOT USE THE SAVE BUTTON any time you have modified the report using "quick filters." Doing so will in most cases break the report.

If you want to permanently change any report parameters, use the Customize link to make your changes.

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