Use the Set Callback function to create an automatic response for a particular prospect. When you flag a record for a callback, it will automatically appear in the queue at the specified date and time, along with a notification.

To set a callback, use the Set Callback button in the dialer panel, or in the dialer actions area. This only works if you currently have a record open in front of you.

Time Zone Auto-Adjust

Notice when you set the callback that there are two "time" input areas, one for you, one for the callback recipient. To help your reps make sure they get the time correct, the two times correlate to your location, and the location of the callback recipient based on their area code.

When you update one side of the callback time, the other auto-adjusts to match the correct time based on the differing time zone locations (obviously if they're both in the same time zone, they'll show the same time).

Reminder Time

In Salesforce, you can set an activity reminder that will visually display prior to the event. You can use this with callbacks as well.

Note that reminder times also work with the time auto-adjustment! When you update the date and time of a callback, the reminder time will automatically update to the nearest 30-minute increment PRIOR to the callback time.

Your agents can always change this manually if they want or need to, but the auto-update feature means they don't have to remember to change the reminder time.

Pending Callbacks

Callbacks you've set previously but have not yet taken appear will appear as uncompleted Salesforce activities attached to their parent record. Thus, they'll appear in your standard calendar views, and as open activities linked directly with their parent.

You can also get a quick, "at-a-glance" view of your pending callbacks while dialing in PowerDialer mode. The Pending Callbacks link lets you see and modify upcoming callbacks for a time period out to 30 days.

Records that have pending callbacks will not pull into seek lists until after the time of the callback has passed.

Completed Callbacks

Once taken and completed, callbacks appear as completed activities for their parent Salesforce records, and are included in Salesforce activity reports.

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