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In general, call quality can be affected by a number of interrelated factors, including internal network bandwidth, PBX systems, local and regional telecom providers, and more.

At we take full responsibility for call quality issues related to our direct operations and hardware, but the truth is many call quality issues arise from problems outside the scope of the PowerDialer for Salesforce platform.

That said, we recognize that call quality is a crucial component for your to reach your business goals, one that cannot be compromised. To this end, we've provided a call quality logging utility that integrates directly to the PowerDialer and Click-to-Call systems, giving you and your agents the ability to immediately quality issues as they arise.

When enabled, the call quality log button will automatically appear in your dialer panel configurations as the LAST button at the bottom of the panel. This position cannot be moved. When a user clicks to send a log, the tool captures key data surrounding your agents' call environment, and sends it to the support team and network operations center.

The button itself can only be enabled by an suport agent.

The log action asks the agent to quickly fill out a form to provide some details surrounding the problem.

The user needs only to choose an entry from the "Issue Type" dropdown and enter a short description in the "Issue Description Field." They can then press the Report Problem button to complete the entry.

While this seems simple to the user, the dialer system also automatically sends a detailed summary of the call along with this form. These are sent together to a customer-specific call log, stored and visible to our support team.

The system stores and logs reported incidents with each client's account information. The additional detail will allow support and development to better assess the nature of call quality issues, and speed up the process of troubleshooting and solving issues when they arise.

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