Lookup Fields in the PowerDialer

Like elsewhere in the system, if layouts include them, lookup fields are visible within the PowerDialer. These fields are recognizable as text boxes with a magnifying glass next to them.

When an agent opens a record in the PowerDialer for Salesforce, all lookup fields on the layout are available in edit mode. This allows users to search and make updates.

Using the Search Icon

The lookup fields in the PowerDialer work the same way as they do in other places in Salesforce. Agents can edit the values or enter new values. Alternatively, a user can use the magnifying glass to perform a search for a specific record.

(“Reports To” lookup field in the PowerDialer)
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Making an Entry Manually

Within Salesforce, agents have the ability to manually enter text in a lookup field instead of using the magnifying glass. When an agent has entered a value, it is verified as valid when the record is saved.

The same functionality exists in the PowerDialer. Agents can enter a value and move forward to the next record. If the value that was entered is invalid, the field will highlight and will prohibit the user from saving.

The manually entered value can be a partial entry, and if a record can be found it will automatically complete the lookup field. If there are multiple possible records from a partial entry, the "No matches found" error will be displayed.

(No matches found for manual Lookup entry)
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Using the Magnifying Glass Icon

An alternative to manually entering a value in a lookup field is using the search magnifying glass next to the field. When a rep clicks this button, a Lookup pop-up will open that enables the rep to search for the desired record within Salesforce. When a rep finds the desired record, they can simply click on the name. When a rep clicks on a name, the pop-up will close and the name clicked will populate in the lookup field within the PowerDialer.

(Lookup window)
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In Summary:

  • Lookup fields with the same functionality as elsewhere in the system are available within the PowerDialer interface.
  • Agents can click the magnifying glass button to open a lookup pop-up window.
  • Agents can then perform searches in the lookup field for the desired record.
  • Agents can click on the name of a record to cause it to auto-populate into the lookup field.

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