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We've provided the ability for agents to play back a pre-recorded message while on an active call.

If your sales process requires you to play a compliance message or other type of notice to the client in the course of your call, all you need to do is press the Play Recording button and choose your message recording.

Adding the Button

The Play Recording button appears as a standard action button on the Manage Dialer Panels page, and can be added like any other standard dialer action.

Button Options

The button has its own sub-window for further editing. To get there, click the button to highlight it and then click Edit at the top of the page.

The Edit Play Recording Button sub-window allows you to choose which recordings are available to be played back with the button, and the order in which they should appear in the list.

The available recordings are based on your (or your users') permission settings; you'll only see recordings to which you have access. If you change a message to "Selected," it will be available to all users with access to the panel, even if they normally would not have permission to use that particular recording. Notice you can reorder the list using the arrows.

When finished, first save the button. Don't forget to Save the dialer panel as a whole to complete the changes!

Using the Button on the Dialer Panel

Clicking the Play Message button in the dialer panel brings up a flyout panel with the list of selected messages. Click the Play button next to a record to play it. When the Play button has been clicked, it changes to a Stop button which can be used to stop playing the recording. If you start the recording again after stopping it, it will start over from the beginning.

If the user clicks Cancel, the flyout panel disappears. At that point the system ceases message playback.

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