Installation - Enterprise and Unlimited Editions


Before installing the PowerDialer™ for Salesforce, verify that your organization has reviewed all necessary technical requirements, and that any needed configuration changes have been made to your Salesforce environment.

As part of the install process you'll be required to allow the PowerDialer access to your Salesforce database and API. If there's any question about how this works, or what is being accessed, talk to an support rep before doing the install.

We recommend that a full Salesforce administrator, with the ability to see and edit all users' data and modify Salesforce layouts and object settings, performs the installation. Without these permissions, the installation may fail, and / or your users may have missing or broken functionality after the install completes.

Additional Steps for Salesforce Professional Edition

If your organization is using Salesforce Professional edition, You'll be required to perform some additional steps not required for Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited edition. These will be detailed in the next document section.

Initial Install

  1. In your web browser navigate to the Salesforce AppExchange at Locate the PowerDialer app by entering "PowerDialer" into the search box, with "Apps" as the selected type.
  2. Click the application listing link.
  3. Click Get It Now.
  4. Use the Log in to the AppExchange link.
  5. Enter your Salesforce account credentials.
  6. Choose whether you want to install the PowerDialer to your production environment, or to a sandbox.

    If you choose to install to a sandbox, you'll need to work with an support agent to move it to your production environment later.

  7. Accept the terms and conditions, and click Confirm and Install!
  8. You'll be asked to approve third-party access to send or receive data to your Salesforce system. Choose Yes to grant access, then click Continue.
  9. You'll be asked to re-enter your Salesforce credentials one more time.
  10. Click to Continue the installation on the Package Details screen.
  11. Next, approve the Package API Access.
  12. Choose the security level. In most cases you'll want to "Grant access to all users." The PowerDialer affects none of the underlying baseline Salesforce permission sets, and you will have the option to restrict user access by denying them a license. This allows you to control access to the dialer tools without having to perform additional permission management.

    If there's a question about this, talk to your implementation consultant or support agent.

  13. Click Install to finalize the installation. It may take a few minutes for Salesforce to complete the process. You may receive a notification from Salesforce letting you know that you'll receive an email when the package completes installing.

    When you receive the email, the initial package installation is complete.

Additional Insallation Step

PLEASE NOTE: If you're using Salesforce Professional edition, you MUST complete these steps BEFORE performing the OAuth setup. Your PowerDialer™ system may not function correctly if you perform the OAuth synchronization before completing these steps.

Configure IP Address Range

First you'll need to add the PowerDialer to your Salesforce Trusted IP Address Ranges.

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup page.
  2. Under the Administer heading, click Security Controls then Network Access.
  3. Click New to enter a new address range. Enter the following:
    • as the "Start IP Address."
    • as the "End IP Address Range."
  4. Save the updated ranges.

Add Fields to User Layouts

Before proceeding to the OAuth initialization, you'll need to add some fields to your User Page layouts. By default Salesforce only includes a single user layout; if you have more than one you'll need to add the fields to the appropriate layouts as needed.

  1. Navigate to the layout editor by clicking the Setup link. Then select Customize in the side panel.
  2. Select Users and then Page Layouts.
  3. Click to Edit the layout of your choice. In the layout editor, drag and drop the following fields into the Additional Information section of the layout:
    • InsideSales Admin
    • InsideSales Authorization Token
    • InsideSales Password
    • InsideSales Permissions
    • Insidesales Subdomain
    • InsideSales Username

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